Meagre is a large fish: from 1 m to 1.4 m for a weight often reaching up to 50 kg; however, the largest individual fished to date was 2.30 m. It is elongated in shape, with rounded back and almost straight belly. Its color is silvery gray with bronze highlights, the back is darker, with the base of the fins reddish. The second dorsal fin is much longer than the first. The lateral line forms large silver dotted lines, very clearly visible from the top of the caudal fin operculum.
The head is big enough with relatively small eyes. The snout is more or less rounded and the mouth is large, in the terminal position, without barbels. The inside of the mouth is golden yellow, the teeth are often clearly visible.


1000+; 300/400; 400/600; 600/800; 800/1000
Packed in poly boxes of 6 kg, 10 kg