Argyrosomusregius (also known as meagre, croaker, jewfish, shade-fish, corvina, salmon-bass or stone bass) is a fish of the family Sciaenidae. It has a similar form to a European seabass, with a pearly-silver coloration and a yellow-coloured mouth. Length can range from 40–50 cm to 2 m long, with weights up to 55 kg.
Poids : [500 g – 2500 g]

Farmed Fish :

In the mediterranean sea (FAO fishing area :37.2.2) in Tunisia

Family Order Class Kind Species
Sciaenidae Perciformes Actinopterygii Argyrosomus regius
  • Order of the Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries of 26 March 2010, amending and supplementing the Decree of 19 September 1998, laying down the procedures for the health control and monitoring of the conditions of production of fishery products and their placing on the market.
  • Regulatory requirements for the official control of certain contaminants in foodstuffs "Maximum limits, sampling methods and analysis of samples" Joint judgment of 13 May 2013. JORT N ° 44.
  • COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 1881/2006 of 19 December 2006 fixing maximum levels for certain contaminants in foods.
This product is intended for different preparations (grilling, cooking, ...)

In 100 gr of Meagre

Water (%) 80.73
Ash (%) 1.11
Protein (g/100g) 16.98
Total lipids (g/100g) 1.88
Omega 6 (g/100g) 0.28
Omega 3 (g/100g) 0.52
The distribution is ensured by a refrigerated and isothermal truck at a temperature between 0 ° C and 2 ° C
1- Physical characteristics : Free from skin lesion 2- Biological characteristics :
Settings Limits
m M
Salmonella Absence in 25 g
E. coli 10 ufc/g 100 ufc/g
Staphylococus (Coagulase +) 100 ufc/g 1000 ufc/g
Aerobic microorganisms at 30 ° C 104 ufc/g 105 ufc/g
3- Chemical characteristics :
Lead 0.3 mg/kg de poids à l’état  frais
Cadmium 0.05 mg/kg de poids à l’état  frais
Mercury  1 mg/kg de poids à l’état  frais
Sum of dioxins (OMS-PCDD/F-TEQ) 4.0 pg/g de poids à l’état frais
Sum of dioxins and dioxin PCB (OMS-PCDD/F-PCB-TEQ) 8.0 pg/g de poids à l’état frais
HAP (Benzo(a) pyrene) 2 µg/kg de poids à l’état frais
ABVT (Total volatile basic nitrogen) 25 mg d’ABVT/100g  de chair
Storage conditions and date of expiration :
  • Stored in cold rooms (temperature between 0 ° C and 4°)
  • Date of expiration: 10 days from the date of the fishing
  • The product is packaged in a food plastic bag and then in secondary packaging (polystyrene boxes) with ice bag
  • The product must include the following labeling information :Fish raised in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Lot number  : (Reticle number / cage number / supplier / nursery date / fishing date)
  • The fishing zone in accordance FAO
  • The name of the establishment
  • The address of the establishment, of origin
  • The sanitary approval number
  • Date of fishing
  • Date of expiration
  • Name of the fish species (in Latin)
  • Conditions of use and / or conservation: «stored in ice at a temperature between 0 ° C and 4 ° C
  • Country of destination
  • weight
  • caliber